A Brief Guide To The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Microblading

Not everyone has perfect eyebrows, and some would want to make some changes to their eyebrows like filling them or adding a more recognizable bow. With microblading, you can tattoo an unnoticeable natural eyebrow. Before you make your decision, it is prudent that you read through this post to gain insight into the Pros & Cons Of Microblading.


Since your eyebrows form your face’s expressions, you can perfect your appearance without going through the hassle of identifying which makeup to use from the variety you have. This technique will make real hair-like strokes, one by one. For the microblading process, a special needle and a pencil are used to put in the pigment to the skin’s epidermis by drawing distinctive lines to obtain a 3D effect. Compared to micropigmentation, this method is more superficial and leaves behind a more natural finish.


The Pros of Microblading



– Microblading is useful to everyone. This included those who have experienced trichotillomania, alopecia, or even for those who are going through chemotherapy.


– You don’t have to be bothered every day, which makeup to apply. This process will enable you to wear the eyebrows you desire daily for one or two years; you also don’t have to spend any more time trying to retouch them.


– Improves your appearance. Microblading is an excellent treatment that could help bring back the compact look to your depopulated eyebrows; thus increasing its density and giving a natural color considering the hair color or the skin tone of the client.


– Less Painful. The process is less painful than traditional micropigmentation due to the use of ultra-modern tools that don’t require to be connected directly to the current.


– The pigments mimic your skin’s color, as well as that of your eyebrows.


– Improve your confidence and become successful. When your appearance is well taken care of, you tend to feel better, and start shifting your mind to success. For those who have issues with their eyebrows, microblading is an ideal solution. You’ll have confidence in yourself since it’s a fast, safe and effective process. Find a reputable salon by checking out Microblading Directory UK


– The treatment will not be a disruption to your life since you will only have a tiny inflammation or redness, which can be removed by putting on cold in the area.


The Cons of Microblading


– After the treatment, you will not be allowed to expose your face to the sun for the first week, swim, wear makeup or contact lenses.


– You will require a few retouching sessions. Usually, 30% of the colour fades away after the first month, so you should check out to verify that’s the tone you like. Later, you will be required to retouch after every 12 to 18 months. But, this can also be a pro if you’d want a hair colour’s radical change and you require your eyebrows reconditioned.


– You are advised not to go through the microblading process if you have certain conditions such as:

– pregnancy

– guidelines, broken capillaries or keloids

– HIV or other autoimmune diseases

– Hemophilia

– Seborrheic dermatitis

– Diabetes

– Hepatitis

– Taking prescriptions that dissolve the blood


– If you have vitiligo, microblading won’t work on you. The only thing achieved by this is to decrease the coloration’s contrast, comparing the color of the skin with the depigmented zone’s tone.


This isn’t a comprehensive list, and it isn’t expected to cover all contexts and medical conditions. Before beginning the treatment, you will require to consult with your specialist. It is prudent that all the terms involved are clearly explained to you, and you know the risks involved with the treatment. In case you are still unsure, seek guidance from your medical specialist.

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