About us

Mission statement.


My Live School was created in response to newly emerging digital divides and the continued reduction of social mobility within our society. It is generally accepted that a broad range of childhood experiences develop the essential soft skills directly linked to employability. We believe the opportunity for an enhanced education through the use of technology, and soft skills it can promote should not be reserved for the fortunate few. Our goal is to contribute a far-reaching solution that promotes postcode equity and helps to close the educational gaps between 'the haves' and 'have-nots' of the digital divide.


Our social objectives.


  • Empower schools and organisations to support the educational attainment of children through the use of engaging creative/new media and an audience.
  • Support (through the use creative/new media and an audience) whole child development in the forms of confidence, resilience, self-realisation, aspiration, and contribute to the broadening of childhood experiences with a focus towards primary aged children.
  • Deliver an inclusive broadcast platform that facilitates the support of children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).
  • Facilitate shared learning and maximise our social impact through the development and delivery of effective tools, methods and projects, that work to promote cross-school collaboration or third sector collaboration for the benefit of young people and their communities.
  • Connect and empower individuals within communities, with a greater sense of social identity and national inclusion. With a focus towards rural areas and or, areas of high unemployment or social decay.
  • Deliver products and service to beneficiaries through six pillars of great experience. Personalisation, Time and effort, Integrity, Resolution, Empathy and Expectations.
  • Help reduce digital learning inequalities within education by tackling the barriers and perceived obstacles of cost, time, IT skills and confidence, which can prohibit learners from benefiting from enhanced education through technology, with methods focused towards creative/new media and an audience.

Principal activities.


My Live School is a purpose built, content regulated radio network for UK schools and child organisations. Focused on the needs of primary aged children, and up to the age 16, we empower teachers and mentors to start radio clubs. These radio clubs are then used to make child-led radio programs which are broadcast live (and on-demand) to a global audience. 
Our innovative approach to internet radio combined with self-developed technologies (planned and existing) provide beneficiaries, with an unprecedented level of affordability and accessibility to the benefits derived, from the making and broadcast of radio programs.

To further support beneficiaries, additional products and service include:


  • Free starter kits The use of self-developed encoding software, in combination with third-party software, presents the opportunity for users, to set up a broadcast studio at a one-off cost of just £10. Audio packs provide production music, sample and jingle templates that facilitate the production of child-led radio programs.
  • Free support My live School CIC provides comprehensive Email and Telephone support for our products and service. Our typical response time is just one hour, with a first contact resolution rate of 93%.
  • Free CPD and training The use of on-demand support videos provide teachers and mentors with the opportunity to choose areas of interest and learn at their own pace. Professional development topics include general digital literacy, digital creative skills and cloud computing. The ‘Staffroom’ website feature also allows teachers and mentors to collaborate, and further support each other by sharing good practice.
  • Learning enrichment programs Upon request My Live School CIC will work with schools and organisations to develop bespoke full day radio pupil workshops. Workshops are structured to the individual needs of beneficiaries to meet the learning goals and objectives expressed. If a beneficiary is a new user, we can also include 360° studio setup, staff introduction to My Live School with hands-on training for products and service. Each enrichment program also comes with a one-year subscription to My Live School, so pupils (and others) can continue to practice skills and broadcast live radio shows long after we have left.

Key benefits of radio in general.


  • Child Inclusion A successful radio station is all about great communication and needs commitment and teamwork form the team involved. A child-led radio station will help build an inclusive atmosphere in any school and overcomes the geographical barriers for Muti Academy Trusts (MAT) and child organisations.
  • Building Confidence Most people find talking to a 'mic' in a closed room far less intimidating than appearing on camera or on stage. This allows students to express their views and build their confidence whether it is discussing important issues or sharing ideas, radio gives your students a confident voice within your school.
  • Develop Speaking & Listening Skills Radio is about speaking and listening. Whether you are presenting or just listening to a show, these vital skills are not only fundamental in radio but are essential for 'real world' skills 
  • Improving Literacy Seems strange to be talking about writing skills in radio but the first time a student looks at the 'mic' and then asks what they should say, they realise they need to write scripts and prepare between links. Extend this preparation for talk shows, radio drama or telephone interviews and it is clear that writing plays a big role in radio and extends to meet the National Curriculum in many ways.
  • National Curriculum School Radio helps schools and academies to supplement learning and meet the National Curriculum in ways that you may not even realise. It’s also a great way to keep staff, student and parents/guardians alike updated with school life. 
  • Giving Students A Voice and Empowerment My Live School offers a platform for your students to discuss the issues that matter to them in a non-confrontational format.  Whether it is discussing important issues or sharing the music they love, radio gives your students a voice within your school.
  • Teamwork Planning and presenting radio shows requires teamwork. Many schools run their School Radio station like a ‘real’ station assigning roles and responsibilities for presenters, engineers and station management.


Key benefits of My Live School.


  • Real-world learning - My Live School offers an authentic audience. Your wider community along with a global listening audience can listen live and on-demand at home, at work and in the car. An audience will increase learning engagement and reward achievements.
  • High Educational Return On Investment (EROI) - In comparison to the UK’s leading school radio suppliers, a typical primary school or child organisation looking to start, and broadcast live (and on demand) radio can bypass initial studio hardware costs, with an ongoing operational savings of £2300 each year.
  • Built by teachers - The My Live School broadcast platform along with value-added services, have been developed through direct consolation with the teachers using them. As My Live School continues to grow, products and service within our development roadmap will continue to provide low cost, streamlined workflows focused on the needs of primary education.
  • Dedicated service  - Our collaborative approach to broadcast has been built to provide each user the same expectations of flexibility, had they chosen to buy a dedicated streaming service. Beneficiaries are provided with their own profile page and can choose when they wish to go ‘on air’ and for how long.
  • Shared learning experiences - It is not uncommon for pupils from other schools to tune into other schools broadcasting live and on demand. This practice allows for many exciting learning opportunities, with pupils sharing their learning beyond geographical boundaries. Multi-academy trusts can easily connect the staff and pupils of each school through the power of live and on-demand radio broadcast, with many schools able to play shows during scheduled breaks.    
  • Social identity and national inclusion - At My Live School beneficiaries are able to contribute their own views and opinions towards local issues and national topics. These are delivered through a national network of schools and child organisations, unrestricted to a global listening audience.  
  • Social enterprise in school - Learning that pays for itself. Once pupils have found their flow the transition from radio club to a real radio station is relatively easy. My Live School supports entrepreneurial development and can help your pupils to cost, market and sell ‘airtime’ to small local business within your community.
  • Content regulated - My Live School is the only low-cost streaming network that works in accordance with government internet safety guidelines, and primary school policies.


Company Structure.


Incorporated as: A Community Interest Company (CIC) Limited by Shares.
A Community Interest Company (CIC) is a limited company, with special additional features, created for those who want to conduct a business or other activity for community benefit and social good, and with little or no private advantage.

Governance: CICs are regulated by the CIC regulator.
A CIC regulator will respond to complaints from stakeholders and has considerable powers to act to protect the community interest.

Leadership: My Live School operates with three standing directors.
As with any other company, the directors of My Live School CIC occupy an important position of trust and general company law imposes on them a range of duties to the company and other responsibilities. The directors are also responsible for ensuring that the company meets its statutory and other obligations. The current Directors and Advisors of My Live School CIC are:


Jade Thomas -Managing Director
Macclinton - Finance Director
Louise Stone - Community Director

A Person with Significant Control (PSC): A majority shareholder.
My Live School CIC has one PSC.

Chris Thomas - Operations manager and founder of My Live School.